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people first, machines second

Internationalist Future is a direct response to the technologies of Globalisation 2.0 and a world no longer dominated by the West. On the horizon is an interdependency of cultures mediated by technology. A more robust inter-nationalism is required to manage the next cycle of rapid technological change. For Internationalist Future, both the nation state and international institutions such as the United Nations stand as progressive protectors of those who may be left behind in this age of automation, AI and connectivity.


Based in London and New York initially, our position is realist but based on core values that emphasise peace, individual autonomy and the organic development of stable and fair societies for the welfare of all their members on equal terms. Our focus is on the tension between the new technologies and politics. We are keen to challenge the ‘usual suspects’ in the commentariat who have failed to predict events despite their listed credentials. We are looking for new talent from all generations, genders, lifestyles and ethnic backgrounds who can give us fresh ideas on the resolution of intractable problems.



We are interested in the role of technological innovation in defining future international relations, not only the use of artificial intelligence and robotics and their effects on interdependent economies but such developments as space research, nanotechnology, biotechnology, advances in computing power and the ideologies that sustain them. We are humanists who want to ensure that we, the people, remain master both of the machines and of the scientists and engineers who build and programme them. The future must belong to all of us and not just the programmers.



We are happy to work with existing specialist think tanks and policy units. We have a collaborative rather than a competitive approach to ideas generation.

If you are interested in knowing more, want to participate in our programmes, have ideas for projects or want to share in the adventure with funding and collaboration, contact our Director, Mark Seddon, or our Director of Research, Tim Pendry.

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Mark Seddon, Director

Tim Pendry, Director of Research


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